What animals can I feed?

A general rule for the zoo is that anything that eats meat will not eat the animal feed (peanuts). While Killman has a large population of big cats there are still lots of animals to feed; snow monkeys, baboons, bear, deer, emus, and the biggest attractions for little ones is always the goats (but hold onto your feed because they can be a bit sneaky about stealing them while you aren’t looking).

Why should I buy a membership instead of paying admission each time?

Seasons pass prices cover for approximately what would be four visits to the zoo on regular admission. This will also enable you to drop in to visit your favourite animals or come by on Sundays just for the feedings without feeling like you have spent too much. It helps the zoo by having funds to build enclosures and care for the animals at the beginning of the season.

What are the zoo hours?

From April 7th to May 20th the zoo is open on Saturday and Sundays from 10am to 6pm. Starting May 22nd it is open daily (7 days a week) from 10am to 6pm until September 5th.

Does the zoo close during the winter or on holidays?

The zoo is open 7 days a week starting the long weekend in May (May 20th for the 2017 season). It is open for all holidays up to and including Labour Day on September 4th. From that date onwards the zoo remains open only on weekends for as long as the onset of the Canadian winter will allow them.

Where do the animals live in the winter?

The majority of the animals at Killman Zoo are adapted to the harsh Canadian winters. Thier dens are insulated and fabric doors are installed to keep out some of the harsher climates and winds. The few animals that do not like the cold are brought in at the end of the season to the indoor facility maintained by the regular staff.

Can you bring outside food in?

Human food for human consumption is welcome in the zoo. Please take care to use the many garbage cans throughout the zoo to dispose of your garbage as wrappers and food can accidentally make its way into an enclosure either by wind or by wilder animals and can pose a danger to the animals. Some foods can be brought in as donations to the animals – please speak to a keeper about what you have brought in as some foods can make different animals very sick.

Is there an ATM?

There is no ATM on site but all kinds of payments are accepted. See below.

What forms of payment are accepted?

All credit cards, debit and cash are accepted at the admissions booth and the snack bar.

Will the zoo accept an animal I cannot care for?

The Killman Zoo has accepted many rescues and strays from various sources and Government bodies; however, not all animals are a right fit for the zoo. For example we have no reptile house and none of the warmth that a snake would need to survive but please contact us first as the staff has many contacts with other zoo’s and animal owners that could help find a home for your animal.

Can I bring my pet with me on my visit?

Pets of any kind are not allowed at the zoo for the safety of our animals and yours. Please do NOT leave pets unattended in your vehicle in warm weather. Leave them at home or with a proper caregiver.

Do you offer discounts?

Any non-school group purchasing 20 or more tickets qualifies for a group discount. The tickets can be paid individually but have to purchased at the same time.

GROUP TICKET PRICES:  $9.90 per person regardless of age; children under 2 are still free but do not count towards the number in the group.

How do I make a donation to the zoo?

Please check our donations link for a complete list of ideas that can be donated to the zoo; you would be surprised what kind of items the zoo would be grateful for. Donations can be brought to the admissions booth at any time during the zoos open hours or you can contact us to be able to do a drop off.

How long does it take to visit the Killman Zoo?

A lot of this will depend on the visitor and the attention span of the group but the short answer is between 1 to 3 hours.

When’s the best time to visit the zoo?

The mornings are always a good time to visit the animals and with the zoo’s policy of free re-entry all day that allows our visitors to go away and come back for any planned activities that may be later in the day.

Does the zoo give rain cheques?

The zoo does give rain cheques in extreme weather conditions and done on a case by case basis.

How many animals are in the zoo?

Over 100 animals of different species are at the Killman Zoo. Roughly 30 cats, 7 birds, 6 canines, 8 primates, 9 lemurs, 1 bear, 4 emus, 8 birds of prey, 3 deer, 3 porcupines, 2 peccaries, 3 cavys, plus ferrets, sheep and goats that are too fast to count.

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