Looking for a unique experience to share with your students?

The Killman Zoo can offer various demonstrations to all schools, day camps, and other groups. With a reduced general admission, packages may or may not include additional programs – this is based on your teaching or personal preference! Personalize your visit to get the most out of it. Some of the things that Killman Zoo can offer are listed below:


We offer an educational rate for all school groups of $10 per student and $10 per visitor for admission to the Zoo for a minimum of 25 people. To qualify for this rate, all children must be accompanied by at least one adult (18 years and older) per 10 children and your school must be an institution established to offer instruction to pupils in programs for preschool, kindergarten, any combination of elementary grades or secondary grades 1-12, colleges and universities. Field trips are available Monday – Friday. Reservations must be made at least two weeks in advance. Everyone who enters the Zoo needs to be accounted for in your headcount. Groups must arrive and enter together. We will be asking for a total number of students and a total number of adults/chaperones. There must be at least one adult for every 10 students, with no more than one adult for every student. Any additional group members must be paid for at one time and entered with the prepaid group. Anyone not paying with and entering at the same time as the group will be charged the regular admission rate of $25.00 for adults and $16.00 for children ages 3-12. (It is up to the school to collect money and pay for any adults or chaperones to be included at the school group rate. Parents cannot pay separately) We require that payment of the visit be received upon arrival. We accept payment in the form of school or organizational checks, credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express), and cash.

Groups visiting the Zoo may add on a guided tour to enhance their experience. Guided tours are led by a Zoo instructor and are designed to support academic standards, are grade-level appropriate. Guided tours last 45 minutes and cost an additional $2 per person. Guided tours are available to groups of at least 15 and are capped at 25 participants a tour. Groups larger than 25 may be split into multiple tours.


Embark on an enriching journey through our education facility with our guided tour experience! For just $50.00 per group of 15-20 individuals, immerse yourself in a 1.5-hour adventure led by one of our knowledgeable keepers. As you stroll through our zoo, your dedicated guide will illuminate the fascinating lives of the animals that call our facility home. From the majestic big cats to the playful primates, each step of the way, you’ll uncover insights into their behaviors, habitats, and conservation efforts. With interactive discussions and engaging anecdotes, our keeper will bring the wonders of the animal kingdom to life, offering a deeper understanding and appreciation for the incredible diversity of life housed within our zoo. Don’t miss this opportunity to embark on a memorable educational experience that promises to inspire and enlighten!


Kids delved into the microscopic world of animal coats, feathers, and droppings. Equipped with microscopes, they marveled at the intricate patterns and structures that make up these seemingly ordinary elements of wildlife. From the delicate barbs of a feather to the rugged texture of a quill, every detail revealed a story of adaptation and survival. Through guided exploration, children learned how these features aid animals in their abilities and habitats. For instance, they discovered how the oily coating on feathers repels water, keeping birds dry and buoyant, while the sharp edges of quills serve as a defense mechanism against predators. Examining droppings under the microscope revealed clues about an animal’s diet and health, as well as its role in dispersing seeds and nutrients in its habitat. Understanding why animals drop these items shed light on their natural behaviors, from molting feathers for new growth to leaving droppings to mark territory or communicate with others. Through this hands-on exploration, young minds gained a deeper appreciation for the intricate adaptations that enable wildlife to thrive in their environments.


Hop on board the adventure train at the admissions, stroll through the zoo, and conquer every page of the booklet. Each page is a special journey into the world of Killman Zoo’s amazing animals. Have a chat with the keepers or join in on the keeper talks to uncover some wild answers. Once you’ve aced the booklet, turn it in on your way out and claim your epic freebie! Pencils are on the house with the booklets. Just $2.00 per ticket!

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