Ways to Give

Since the opening in 1988, The Killman Zoo has been home to hundreds of animals from small lemurs to large cats. Among our exotics, includes various native rescue animals. Since 2012 we have been working towards rebuilding and updating old enclosures as well as building brand new. This is largely attributed to our amazing support from the community with fundraising events.

To Donate:


Please call us, we would love to say thank you!
Phone:  (905) 765-5966

Email: therealkillmanzoo@gmail.com
Looking for other ways to give?

House-hold clean-up items:


  • One mans trash is another animals treasure! There are many household throw-aways that could be very useful to the zoo, both for enrichment and other uses. Things like old little tyke toys, stuffies, baby blankets or towels, and water bottles are all used regularly at the zoo. For our full list of items, please see our donation page.
  • Work Campaign Drive: Many of visitors do a seasonal Work drive where donated throw-away items are collected from peer employees. These programs have helped the zoo tremendously and are always a fun activity for visitors to see the animals with their new toys!
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