Besides being able to stroll our trails through the woods and fields, taking a minute to watch the water flow through the creek on its way to the Grand River and taking a break on one of the many benches throughout the zoo to enjoy our summer weather – we have a variety of activities, animal scheduled feedings and friendly zoo staff and volunteers to talk to.


Our staff and volunteers are very connected to all of the animals and are always willing to share their stories, experiences and love for the animals….if you see them ask them…



What is the best day to come to the zoo!!



First, what is your favourite?

Cat Lovers


The best day to come is on a Sunday morning; arriving for 10am as the zoo opens allows you to see the animals in the morning sun and while they are at their most awake greeting the visitors. Once you have strolled the zoo and visited with everyone there are several very local restaurants and attractions to see and with an all day re-entry to the zoo you can then come back for 3pm to join the tour for the Big Kitty Crunch. Watch and learn while the keepers tell you about all our cats and their history with the zoo, and then feed them.

Bear, Primates, Lemurs and bird lovers


Saturday is your day, again at 3pm on Saturdays the keepers will give you a guided tour of the omnivores and fruitivores telling you lots of fun facts about all the individual animals and feeding them treats and engaging in enrichment. Come walk with us to feed all the animals such as the black bear, baboons, snow monkeys, lemurs, peccaries, and African porcupine.



This activity is not as scheduled, interaction between the keepers and the wolves are based on the Alpha relationships but there are times when Wolf lovers can witness the care, brushing and feeding of the Wolves. Keep an eye on the Website and social media for days that this can be witnessed.

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