Celebrations – Birthday and Group Gatherings

A perfect day outing for birthday groups of all ages! Enjoy a day at the zoo with your own private picnic area (which you may decorate as you please!), as well as additional program packages are offered below. Please know that although we do not cater the functions, we are able to store your food prior to serving (freezer, fridge, etc.). Give us a call to make a booking!

Big Kitty Crunch Time

  • A feeding demonstration with all the zoos big cats (lions, tigers, cougars, jaguars). Feeding demonstration includes information regarding species, relationships, facts, etc. This demonstration involves feeding meat carcasses to the big cats – may be suitable for older age groups.


Show and Tell

  • Intended for a younger audience (ages 2-10), this show will introduce the kids to fun facts about many of the animals with a touch and feel aspect involving animal furs, and other materials (porcupine quills, antlers, etc.).


Fruit N Go

  • Come walk with us to feed all the fruitivores and omnivores. Join our keepers as they provide a feeding demonstration along with sharing of information about our animals such as the black bear, baboons, snow monkeys, lemurs, peccaries, and African porcupine. We are always open to adjusting the focus of the tour based on the birthday boy or girl’s favourite animals.



  • Need a more interactive experience for your group? Try the Killman Zoo Passports – a personalized booklet to our zoo and animal species that provides an educational aspect but also entertainment! Inquire for details.


Scavenger Hunt

  • The Killman Zoo also offers a free-of-charge scavenger hunt. This activity provides children with an interactive and educational experience that is specific to the animals of the Killman Zoo.




Looking for more information on booking and pricing?  contact us

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