Inspections update

Inspections update

We have received our letter of good standing again this past winter from the OSPCA whom now handle all zoo inspections on behalf of our provincial government.

Inspections are a part of our annual requirements and operations of the zoo. The requirement is two full inspections annually with possibility of more if deemed necessary by the government body. One is completed through the winter months and the other during our open season; one is planned while the other one isn’t.

This past year we have had our routine inspections with pleasing feedback. Our greenhouse, our new enclosures this past year, our winter facility and of most importance, our animals wellbeing all passed inspection without issue.

When your team of zoo people work all with the same ambitions and goals it really proves to the inspection team and ourselves what we are truly capable of.

We have discussed with the OSPCA some of the zoo supported programs and look forward to implementing more.

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