Season 2016 brings with it a lot of new building project planning. Generally we take on 2 projects every season. Over the past five years we have rebuilt a number of older enclosures, rebuilt bridges, built new enclosures and made way for new playgrounds and spaces that make sense to our animals needs as we approach our 40th year in operation. We are working on expanding into space not yet zoo allocated.



We have to ensure all the enclosures we currently have are inspected and addressed before expanding to new spaces. This can sometimes prevent us being able to focus on the new builds as we have a responsibility to work safe; work is always prioritized on the individual needs of our animal family.



You will notice quite the change this past season with two new shops built, our road signs updated, and a new enclosure that offers three of our younger lion family a playground along with their new home. The enclosure itself includes dividing doors that creates three large separate spaces for the cats if need be. This build alone took us three months to complete.



As soon as we can break ground for post holes we have a big building plan this year. We will be building a new enclosure for the next lion family additions, Laurel and Hardy now approaching almost two years. Storm, our male Siberian Tiger will be having the rest of his enclosure facelift where we will be finishing enlarging his space both in height and width, as well as adding new wire walls and den. We also will be starting a 3 year long project of replacing our patron fence-line starting from the front gate through-out the entire zoo line. Can you imagine how many posthole digs that requires.



Building is not only for the sake of adhering to the requirements of current regulations or even for our own goals; we also enjoy the reward we get as our animals excitedly explore and appreciate their new enclosures. Every year for the past 5 years we have held the annual fundraiser for the zoo which has helped support us in at least one of the current building plans.



Many of you that support us with your skills and experience, we will be calling on ya, as we take on a busy season of upgrading. We look forward to sharing the new projects with the public when they are done so that everyone can come visit and see all the new additions to our family.

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